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He died for me I live for Him

We are pleased and we praise God that you have entered our website. We hope you find our ministry an inspiration and a blessing. We believe you will find a home here at 

Prayer Tabernacle Church 

Prayer Tabernacle is a ministry of prayer, praise, growth, and unity. Our ministry is directed and protected by the Holy Scripture under the leadership of Pastor Michael Vickers. 

Pastor Michael Vickers

Pastor Michael and First Lady Melissa Vickers along with our entire ministry welcome you to come out and join us for a powerful praise and worship service very soon. We are confident you will feel the powerful presence of the Lord Jesus and be touched by His glorious Spirit. 

We pray and hope you can find everything you need. Prayer Tabernacle formerly known as Families Worshiping the Lord, is a church committed to the cause of Christ Jesus our Lord. Jesus is soon to come! We want all who claim this name by faith to be encouraged and strengthened in His Spirit. We gladly extend a hand of love to all who visit this site to come and worship with us. The motto of this Church is "love one another"! We believe Jesus has called us to love and inspire. So we greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

***If you have been searching and you are looking for a fulfilling church experience wherever you are in your walk with Christ, know that there is room for you at

Prayer Tabernacle Church***

**Upcoming Events**

Come out and join us...

June 2020

Thanks for visiting!